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Longarm Quilting Services

I provide digital edge to edge (e2e) designs.  The quilting will be uniform across the quilt top and not area specific.  The largest quilt my longarm frame can take is up to 126" wide.  All longarm services are completed on my APQS Lucey.

It is important to pick the best pantograph design to compliment your quilt top and your style.  Also the size of the design and denseness brings out texture that compliments your quilt top.

I have many panto designs listed here on the page Pantographs, I am getting new ones all the time, but there is an endless array of panto designs available on multiple websites.  You may find one that you like on another website (most cost between $12 - $17).  So that you can get the panto design you desire, I would be happy to split the cost of the new digital pantograph design you like.

If you would like, I would be happy to suggest some designs for your quilt.


My price for digitized e2e pantograph quilting is .025 cents per square inch of the quilt top.  Example:  60" x 80" quilt top = 4800 sq. inches.  4800 x .025 = $120.00. 


My minimum charge for quilting is $40.00.


I stock three types of Quilters Dream Batting on a roll.  Quilters Dream Natural Select, 100% cotton, (93" wide) for $13.50 per yard.  I also stock Quilters Dream Natural 80/20, cotton/poly blend (93" wide) for $12.50 per yard.  I now stock Quilters Dream Bamboo on a roll (93" wide) for $14.75 per yard. 


I also have a selection of prepackaged Quilters Dream Battings.  Just ask what I currently have in stock.  Wool, Bamboo, or Green.


You can send your own batting or purchase from me.  If you purchase from me off the roll I will only charge you for what I use.

Batting is not included in the quilting rate and will have California sales tax of 7.25% added.


I do not charge for thread when using my "in stock" supply.  The most common thread I use is Premo-Soft.  I like to blend the thread color to the lighter fabrics in your quilt.  Please advise me of any preference you may have.


I am happy to trim your quilted top even if you are not having me bind it for you.  Please let me know if you want anything different then 1/2" from the quilt top edge (if I am not binding your quilt for you).


I live in Sonora, Ca and accept mailed quilt tops and backing from all over.  I also do local pickup and delivery for quilter's projects.

If shipping to me, please place inside a plastic bag inside a cardboard shipping box.

I will send your quilt back to you by USPS Priority flat rate boxes whenever possible.  $100 insurance is included in the postage cost, please let me know if you want a higher amount. 

Shipping costs for your quilt, both directions, is your responsibility.

Other Costs

-Pressing top or backing (for $8)

-Piecing quilt back (for $10 per seam)

-Cost of shipping quilt back to you

-Sales tax (7.25%) is charged on purchased batting and quilting services for those who live in California.


After all services are complete I will invoice you, once payment is received I will immediately ship your quilt back to you.

Getting Your Quilt Top Ready:

I need 4 inches larger of backing on all sides of the quilt top, and if sending batting, it must also measure 4 inches larger on all sides (example:  60" x 80" quilt top.  Backing and batting must be 68" x 88").  Bigger is fine.  If the backing is not large enough I will not be able to load onto my longarm frame.  Please assure that the quilt top and backing are as square as possible.

All your seams should be pressed flat on your quilt top and backing.  The flatter your quilt top lays, the better chance no issues will arise during the quilting process.  Be sure all seams are secure.  Please trim any loose threads so they don't show through your quilt top.

If your quilt top or backing is directional, please mark with a pinned note which side is top.

Fullness and puckers in your quilt top cannot be quilted out.  I cannot guarantee that fullness and puckers won't be sewn in.  The flatter and squarer your quilt top is, the better the finished quilt will be.

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