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My name is Pam McPhee, and I have been longarm quilting since 2005.  My obsession with quilting started as a child, but I didn't take my first quilting class until 1999, when my twins went off to college.  I couldn't wait to finish my quilts so I bought a midarm machine in 2005.  I upgraded to the APQS Lucey longarm machine with digital pantographs in 2020.

At one point I worked at a quilt shop to pay for my fabric addictions.  My husband always wondered why I didn't bring home a paycheck.

I love how the quilting brings the quilt to life for you to love for many years to come.  I am hoping to help you complete those quilt tops exactly how you dreamed.  Just complete the Quilt Intake Form to start the process.

Pam McPhee
Quilter and Dog Pawrent

My crazy house is run by dachshunds, and my quilting lets me escape from the madhouse.

Head Vocal Coach

I bark at anything and everything.  I even bark going in and out the door.

Baby of the family

I am the newest member of the Sqad.  I am the smartest and the sweetest.

Mom's little BooBoo

No one can resist my sweet personality.  Everyone asks if they can take me home. 


I am the Head Dachshund here.  I praire dog and win hearts.  I am a true love to everyone.

Don't take me

I love my Dad and my best buddy Braxton (their Grandson).  I require the most attention.

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